Teaching Media Ethics – Are There Any?

Teaching is in my blood. It goes back several generations on my mother’s side.

I got my first taste of the classroom early in my broadcasting career when I received an opportunity to teach video production in Tampa, FL at Hillsborough Community College.

That experience led me on an academic path, and in 2010 I received a Master of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida.

Education has opened just about every door that I’ve walked through in my career. So without getting into the details of how I landed my current teaching opportunity at the University of West Georgia, I’m pleased to share that I’m teaching a media ethics class this semester.

There are numerous examples of ethical situations that arise for professionals. From Fareed Zakaria’s recent plagiarism problem to Rupert Murdoch’s bribery and phone hacking scandal, competition, time constraints, and pressure can cause unexpected issues to arise.

Any time a journalist, PR practitioner, or media pro engages in questionable behavior, it hurts the profession. We live and die by our credibility, and public trust. Some examples of unethical behavior are blatant, but oftentimes, it’s not black and white.

This will be a new adventure for me. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge, and know that I will learn a few lessons from my students.

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  • Tim

    I’m reading Salman Rushdie’s memoir “Joseph Anton.” It cld b used as a txtbook for a class in media ethics. Tlk abt an ethical dilemna! A great read too.