Adria Richards Donglegate: Trolls – Tech & Tweets


If you knew that a Tweet would kick up a storm of controversy, and affect your professional career, you might think twice before you sent out that 140-character message, photo, or link. Adria Richards, a female technology evangelist is living in the aftermath of a Tweet that got her fired, “divided the tech community,” and [...]

Thoughts about media ethics

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but I wanted to share some thoughts from the classroom at the University of West Geogia. It was a great semester, and I enjoyed learning and teaching lessons surrounding media ethics. I’m doing it again next semester!

Happy Thanksgiving – Devin & Dad – Gator #Fail

The first time I featured Devin in a video, all he did was cry. How times have changed. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m planning to share more great information. Enjoy your family, food, and fellowship.

8 Tips to (Safely) Cover a Hurricane


#Sandy Keep you socks and underwear dry. That’s the name of the game if you’re covering a hurricane. There’s nothing like covering a storm. I can share plenty of war stories. Since “citizen journalists” and traditional media will no doubt be documenting Sandy and future storms, I wanted to share some tips to help you [...]

Podcast 05: How do I make a career change to video production?


What do you do when you want to pursue a career in the media, but your dream gets derailed? It happens all the time. A person can major in media studies, intern, join a student organization or two, and get involved at the campus station. After graduation, jobs are hard to come by, so you [...]

How To Be a Citizen Journalist


Let me be clear, recording video with a camera and sharing it on YouTube doesn’t make you a citizen journalist. If you’re a blogger, you’re not a citizen journalist. If PR pros pitch you and invite you out the their events, you’re not a citizen journalist. Though no license is needed to be a journalist [...]

Hurricane Isaac Threatens the Gulf Coast


Timing is everything. Just ask anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast in cities like Tampa and especially New Orleans. As the world of conservative politics converges on the strip club capital of the country (not), Tampa has again dodged a proverbial bullet. This time, it’s from a hurricane named Isaac. Tampa is no stranger [...]

Amani Channel: Find Me Around the Internets


One thing I love about the Internet is what you can learn from professionals. I say professionals because there are a lot of wannabees and snake oil sales folk out there.  So always check your sources. Since video production, education and technology is my thing, I’ve been able to share a few tidbits over the [...]

Teaching Media Ethics – Are There Any?

Got ethics ?

Teaching is in my blood. It goes back several generations on my mother’s side. I got my first taste of the classroom early in my broadcasting career when I received an opportunity to teach video production in Tampa, FL at Hillsborough Community College. That experience led me on an academic path, and in 2010 I [...]

Important questions to ask before you produce a video


If you’re an experienced producer who has worked for numerous clients, then you know the drill: plan, shoot, edit, and deliver. That’s the flow. At the end of the project you and your team gets paid, and your client should have a video that they are proud of. Hopefully everyone is happy. If you’re just [...]